Hospital stays can be depressing and dreadful. Here at Music Beats Hearts we're looking to relieve that.

Studies show music can have a positive effect on the healing process, serving as a much needed mood enhancer during times of need. Think of us as your Musical Doctors.

Our team has an extensive background in the music industry and we work with hospitals and patients to create preprogrammed playlists on music devices. These devices are filled with uplifting songs, compiled by music executives and the musicians themselves.

Like every song, every patient is different, and we want to create the playlist that best suits you! That's why we make sure your playlist is personalized and tailored to your specific preferences. There's no age limit, so whether you're a child who loves pop music, or an adult who rocks out to the best of the 70's, we're here to help make your battle a little easier to deal with. 

And once you're done with your treatment, you keep the device! For life!

At Music Beats Hearts, we strive to provide you with the best possible service and music all while aiding your treatment plan.

So let's make sure the beat goes on...