Every Little Bit Helps

“I’m Donating because my 17 year old son suffered a stroke last summer and was in the hospital for 9 long days of test, surgery, and recovery. He had his earbuds in a majority of that time, and I know that made a difference”
— Kerry, California
“I am donating because I think this is an amazing cause and I love that you are bringing joy to children through music. God Bless!”
— Amanda, Ontario, Canada
“I’m donating on behalf of every child that is going through any type of pain. Love heals all. Music makes it easier to get through anything!”
— Britney, Arizona
I’m donating so every man, woman or child can feel the joy of what is listening to music!
— Clarissa, Texas
I’m donating because music is something that can get your mind off of everything.
— Vanessa, Hawaii
“I’m donating because I think this is 100% amazing! Such a great idea!! Music is the window to the soul!”
— Erica, Minnesota
“Music saved my life!”
— Dennis, United Kingdom
“I am donating to all those who who live, breathe, and smile from the joy that music brings! I truly hope this small donation helps brighten someones day the way music does for me each and everyday!”
— Latisha, Maryland
“Music saves me when I have nothing else to go to.”
— Bangon, Oregon
I’m donating because I believe music is the best medicine and everyone deserves to experience it.
— Kasey, Pennsylvania
I deal with mental illness and music saves my life every day.
— Alyssa, Tennessee
I am donating because music does change our lives for the better! I want to help all those in need!
— Shelby, Idaho
“I’m donating because I’m a nurse and I want those hearts to keep beating!”
— Mayra, California
I believe in positive vibes! I believe in happiness and peace and I want to bring that to the kids who truly want and deserve it. Lyrics in music are not only there to sing along to, but also because they have meaning.
— Elizabeth, Alabama
“I believe in sharing love through various acts of kindness.”
— Margaret, Illinois
I’m donating because this is a wonderful cause and it would be my absolute pleasure to be able to help. Music is such an amazing thing, especially using it to bring joy to children. God Bless.
— Catiann, Ohio