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Our focus is to create events and spaces where artistry is celebrated in helping bring awareness to all around health. 

At Chapters; we plan to collaborate with artists and entertainment executives to hear their stories of how the art of music can help people enduring trials and tribulations. We will focus on bringing awareness to mental and physical health challenges with the help of the entertainment industry.

MEET OUR PANEL - Our discussion panel consists of four very influential individuals involved in the music industry. They will discuss the trials and tribulations of mental and physical health they have experienced personally and/or through family and friends. 

LAUREN "KITTENS" ABEDINI is a Producer/DJ who is not only heavily influential in the DJ community but also an organizer of a non-profit named PWR: a celebrated series of non-profit DJ workshops for women (all proceeds donated to local women's shelters or LGBTQ centers).

KYLE is an international artist who has multiple platinum hits throughout his career. Many of his fans consider him to be a very crucial part in their life when helping them through difficult times. 

DJ JadaB00 is a LA native DJ whose is also a Mental Health Advocate and co-founder of Chapters; she is dedicated to bringing awareness to Mental Health.

ELIE MAROUN is the founder of an artist management company as well as the founder of Music Beats Hearts, a charity designed to help those suffering from physical health by the use of music.

FOLLOWING THE PANEL - sounds will be provided by DJ Jadaboo and DJ Rogue  

Chapters; is powered by Music Beats Hearts. Please RSVP to confirm your attendance.

All donations will in turn be donated to those living with Autism. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! 

We are very excited for the start of Chapters; We look forward to building monthly events to further the awareness of mental and physical health challenges.